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Personalized Communications

E-Mail Delivery Service
Most companies could benefit from increasing the number of times they "touch" each customer on a personal basis. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where service is recognized as the key differentiator between companies.
Northern Illinois Consulting's unique e-mail delivery service helps you supplement in-person contact with affordable, personalized messages.

How It Works
All messages are personalized with address suppression. For example, your message might say, "Dear Mr. Smith" or "Dear Jason" and show only one recipient per message; hitting "reply to all" will only return the message to the sender. Personalization can include up to 12 different fields. That means every contact can relate directly to the customer receiving the message, including their first and last names, Players Card number, rewards they've earned, offers based on their standing and any other information that distinguishes one customer from another.

NIC will "service" these projects for you by creating a unique user name and e-mail address associated with your company, making the third-party relationship between you and NIC transparent to your customers. In other words, the User Name might be "Company Name Update" with an e-mail address that indicates the e-mail came directly from you ("").

When using this service for marketing purposes, NIC automatically sends a reminder e-mail 48-hours prior to delivering the message to your customers to those in your company who should be "in the know". This reminds your team that the message is going out so they won't be surprised - and won't embarrass you - when a client contacts them about the offer.

Tips For Success

1) Measure your success! Tracking is available at no additional charge. We can tell you the number of people opening the message, number following any links embedded in the message and more. (NOTE: tracking options available in HTML only!)
2) You are in control! Format options for your messages include plain text, HTML or Rich Text. Choose the delivery format that best suits your company's communication strategy. We'll explain the benefits of each format and help you choose the one that's best for you.
3) Verify that you have the correct e-mail address! E-mail verification assures that the e-mail address is valid so you avoid the frustration of sending to non-active addresses - especially important in today's environment when many customers are switching e-mail addresses to take advantage of low broadband and DSL pricing. This system also identifies other sending issues and lets you know if the recipient is blocking your messages.
4) Your privacy is protected! You collect e-mail addresses and other relevant data and provide NIC with ONLY the information you want included in your messages!
5) Permission based marketing builds trust with customers! The first message is an "opt-out" message that tells customers how you intend to communicate with them - and why.