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Public Relations Services

Communications Strategy
Northern Illinois Consulting believes an effective Communications Strategy provides the foundation for successful marketing and public relations efforts. Because marketing is the feeling people have about a company with every single contact, it is important for companies to identify just who they are and how they wish to represent themselves to the public. To create that special feeling, it is vital to have a Communications Strategy in place as the common element to unify marketing and public relations activities.

An effective communications strategy can be the cornerstone of a company's strategic marketing plan. A custom communications strategy sets the tone for how a company communicates with everyone around them and should be a part of every contact with employees, associates and clients... even in correspondence.

Northern Illinois Consulting specializes in developing custom Communications Strategies for a variety of firms. We will help your company create a strategy that sets benchmarks and standards to assure consistency in every contact you make with the world.

Marketing and Public Relations
Northern Illinois Consulting assists companies in the critical area of strategic planning. NIC believes that best results can be achieved when a business takes the time to develop a master plan that can become their road map to success. NIC works with each client's management team to identify key objectives, set a realistic budget and then select a strategy supported by tactics designed for results.

Because we understand that every company is different and is driven by its own unique culture, Northern Illinois Consulting believes in custom solutions for every customer. Let NIC create a plan that will work for you! See next page for more details!

Press Releases
Northern Illinois Consulting designs custom press release campaigns for our diverse portfolio of clients. Because the effectiveness of a good public relations campaign often depends on the cooperation of area media, we regularly meet with key media personnel and editors to discuss the best ways to work with our clients. Our talented team assures that our media contact list is accurate, up to date and personalized for best results.

Many organizations can benefit from creative use of their press releases and other public relations materials. NIC will create unique ways to leverage our clients' public relations activities so our clients receive maximum benefit from every ounce of time, effort and money they invest in public relations.