Northern Illinois Consulting

Northern Illinois Consultings' Vision

Northern Illinois Consulting (NIC) has a series of beliefs that combine to form the vision that fuels our company. This vision shapes a philosophy that we passionately believe in and are committed to follow. We are convinced that these beliefs are consistent with and supported by current business and economic trends, providing the foundation for NIC's future. Our vision includes the following tenets.

NIC believes most companies would benefit by focusing more time on the things they do best because these are the things that create revenue for their companies.

NIC believes that most entrepreneurs would benefit by having administrative and business support available to enable them to transform their ideas into action.

NIC believes that the next generation of customer-needs will be in highly technical and/or highly specialized areas that may be cost-prohibitive for companies to provide on their own... and that we are uniquely positioned to provide for them.

NIC believes that gradually adding the appropriate new services to our mix can cement relationships with existing clients while attracting new customers because it enhances our outstanding reputation as a solutions provider.

NIC is committed to forging strategic alliances with outside vendors to offer our customers essential products and services beyond our own expertise, thus providing clients the ability to use NIC as their full service outsource solutions provider.

NIC believes that serving a diverse client group with similar needs provides a strong foundation for long-range growth.

NIC understands that our long-range success is predicated on our ability to provide customers products and services that consistently exceed their expectations.