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Custom Training Solutions

The average company in the United States spends nearly 85% of each operating dollar on personnel-related issues, but less than 1% of those resources are dedicated to employee development and training. Northern Illinois Consulting, (NIC) specializes in custom training solutions designed exclusively for our clients.

Custom training offers many benefits - and since companies only spend limited resources on training, it's important to get the maximum return from every dollar they invest. NIC works closely with your management team to reinforce your company's culture within the context of your training. This unique training technique provides vital support for company policies, procedures and other methods specific to your organization.

Using an outside training firm to conduct training also helps improve morale because it sends a clear message that you are committed to the professional and personal development of your team. Using NIC makes your employees feel special because of the investment you are making in the company's future. Your employees will look forward to working with a third party that allows them to feel more open in their discussions. This same third-party approach will enhance the credibility of the training experience, too.

"Our place or yours?" Our experienced instructors will conduct custom training at your location if that provides the best learning environment. Or, send your team to our offices, offering them a break from their daily routine.
NIC provides training solutions that work!

Sample Course Offerings
Comprehensive Marketing Solutions will create a custom training syllabus designed specifically for you. NIC's certified instructor will help you identify the topic, determine course content and then create a dynamic multi-media presentation.

Here are a few examples of recently-offered topics.
Diversity in the Workplace Sexual Harassment
Interest-Based Conflict Management Superior Customer Service
Management and Sales Management Marketing Department Development
Professional Image Sales and Cross-Selling for More Profits
Stress Management and Time Management Your Desktop Computer and YOU!

Source: Brian Tracy, Nightingale-Conant, as noted in his training program, "The Excellent Manager."